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Che’s city surrounded by garbage

Wednesday March 29, 2017

To: Public Health authorities in Villa Clara

From: CID Delegation in Villa Clara

Recently, you admitted there is a high number of Aedes Aegypti mosquito breeding spots, and although you did not provide figures, you describe the situation as “complicated.” The city of Santa Clara has several “complicated” zones, because they lodge high dengue infection risk since several breeding grounds of the Aedes Aegypti vector have been detected, for example, in Brisas del Oeste and José Martí. The neighbors in the Brisas del Oeste neighborhood are among the many affected by the scarce control by community officials. Thus, it is one of the neighborhoods were vector breeding spots proliferate the most, due to the countless small garbage dumps found there, making way for breeding spots for rats and all types of insects harmful for human health.

You called on the population to combat mosquito breeding spots and requested cooperation because hundreds of houses are closed during the hours scheduled for spraying and applying pesticides. Many refuse to allow fumigation stating that the unbearable smoke only produces soot, since they only fumigate with diesel.

Passers-by visiting the so-called “City of Ché” can feel the filth on the streets and the countless dumps around houses, schools and any institution. The government must set the example an collect garbage and stop blaming the population, who are the victims of the incompetence and indifference of the entire State apparatus.

By the People’s Defense: Sara Cuba Delgado, CID provincial delegate in Villa Clara.


We have gone to all the government’s agencies, but nothing, they have not answered us at all

To: Municipal Sewers Bureau in the Boyeros municipality

Epidemiological risk in a Boyeros residential area. Wastewaters flow on the streets

I, Carmen González Cabrera, a neighbor of calle 267, número 17829, entre 176 y 187, reparto Mulgoba, municipio Boyeros, report that a large group of neighbors in this town have been exposing the cruelty the government has allowed regarding the resident families in this area. I state it is the government because it is the only one who can solve this but does not do so.

For several months the main pipeline where the wastewater of all the houses of the Mugoba neighborhood discharge has been clogged and it ruptured somewhere in the neighborhood. The wastewaters are pouring on the street.

In some places the water enters the houses. This causes illnesses such as dengue fever, which has triggered in that sector of Boyeros. The situation worsens since all those wastewaters reach a ditch that runs next to the wells that provide clean drinking water to the pipeline that supplies this and neighboring municipalities.

We have now gone to the People’s Defenders and the Human Rights Defenders of the Cuba Independiente y Democrática Party (CID), since we have gone to all the government agencies, but nothing, they have not answered us at all. We fear for our family, mainly for our children who are the ones most likely to suffer illnesses. That is why we want to expose it to see if we can solve it or someone reacts once the problem is made public.

 Complaint filed

By: People’s Defenders Mercedes Margarita Sánchez, Pablo Camero and Niurka Caridad Ortega Cruz