“Well, then, bury him…”

Pedro Aurelio Pérez López was sentenced to four years in the prison in Arrizas, Cienfuegos province, for disobedience, damages and public disobedience. The crime was having been celebrating his birthday on November 26, 2016, one day after Fidel Castro died.

Pedro was celebrating at a corner when a patrol arrived and told him that he could not do that because the national mourning since the commander had died. He replied: “well, then, bury him, because I’m not doing anything wrong, I’m simply drinking.” Unexpectedly, the policemen attacked him and he defended himself, was arrested and sentenced.

Pedro demands his release since he considers he is unfairly jailed.

By Henry Laso, CID delegate in Cienfuegos, and Defensor Del Pueblo (People’s Defender).



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