Neighbors complain for lack of responsibility and a mess

Holguín, May 29, 2017

To: Municipal Trade Enterprise

From: Neighbors at calle 14 entre 12 y 16. Reparto Harlem, Holguín.

Through this letter we formally lodge this complaint consisting of requesting from the municipal trade enterprise a disciplinary measure against manager Esteban Doimeadios Bueno of the basic supplies unit 3039, at 10th street corner of 10 de Octubre, since early this month he received a shipment of meat products, including pork meat, cow bones, etc., brought in by the meat products enterprise to be freely sold to the people at affordable
prices. But this comrade manager of the warehouse turned the truck back and did not accept the products meant to benefit the community, admitting that he was not going to receive these products because they were sent without prior notice.

This is a most unfavorable action by a person who should be thinking of the consumers’ well-being. Many people present at the time observed this comrade did not receive the meat products because of a reason this community’s consumers are not responsible for. So, we ask ourselves why must the people pay for this, if there is a communication problem between the trade enterprise, the meat enterprise and the sales units. These are problems that affect the people, who cannot fix them. Therefore, solving these inconveniencies is in the hands of the relevant authorities, because in the end common Cubans are the most affected, as they wait for products to be sold at affordable prices so they can put a daily plate of food on their tables.

It is common knowledge that we, Cubans, live waiting for whatever they bring into the warehouses so we can eat, sin the food situation in this country is critical. All foodstuffs are very expensive, and when they put the out at more affordable prices for the poor, thing like what we are reporting today happen. This is utter bureaucracy seriously affecting us, because of a communication problem or because of a manager who does not care for the well-being of the consumers.

With nothing further, we are waiting for an answer. Neighbors at calle 10 esquina 10 de Octubre, reparto Harlem, Holguín.

By Pedro Pablo Celestrín Velázquez. Defensoría del Pueblo (People’s Defense), Holguín.



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