We demand an immediate solution to this situation

Gibara. Today, May 17, in the morning Mrs. Liudmila Ramírez was taken to the Gibara hospital with her six month-old daughter Patricia Leandra González, who had a high fever. Doctors on duty diagnosed a kidney infection, but she was transferred to the provincial children’s hospital. However, several hours (more than nine) after the ambulance has not arrived to pick her up since the only ambulance at the Gibara hospital has no fuel at the moment and no children are allowed to be transferred in it. It is necessary to wait for one to arrive from Holguín, which is more than 30 kilometers away. This Little girl urgently needs specialized medical assistance.

Gibara general hospital director Bárbara Galván knows very Little about medicine, since she has not taken the medical measures to solve the situation, not even a very simple laboratory technique. We hold the heads of this hospital and this municipality’s authorities accountable for whatever might happen to this baby. This girl’s mother is a niece of a Gibara CID activist, and perhaps for this| reason they are not solving this problem.

Where are these people’s common sense, humaneness and respect?

Where is the medical power so much boasted about?

We demand an immediate solution to this situation and that no more preventable death occur in this hospital due to the negligence and incompetence of many doctors and other medical center personnel.

By Defensores del Pueblo (People’s Defenders) Ramón González Tejeda and Gibara CID Delegate María García Rojas.



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