How much longer will we have to withstand the lies from a handful of thieves?

Manicaragua, May 9, 2017

To: Dirección municipal del Trabajo y Seguridad Social (Municipal Bureau of Labor and Social Security)

Cc: Asamblea municipal del poder popular (Popular Power Municipal Assembly)

From: María Caridad Bermúdez, social assistance beneficiary

I address you on the eve of seeking a solution to such a shameful situation. I am a
72- year-old assistance beneficiary, and despite my age I have enough lucidity, knowledge and reason regarding the matter I am referring to. When I say shameful situation, I refer to the food that is being offered us at cafeterias for the elderly. When they began everything was glorious, but now it is embarrassing to listen to the lies that are said at meetings with delegates when they exponent the topic of social security, and I say this because what is given to us, really, is food for dogs. We are elderly person, almost all of us lack financial capital to be correctly fed. I ask you: do you think that with a croquette, a boiled banana and a few grains of rice a human being can survive?

You are the only guilty of this country’s difficult economic situation, you are the ones allowing the misappropriation of resources, the embezzlement, and all of this country’s ills, due to the lack of control and because you benefit from what is stolen by managers, warehouse managers, and all those involved in feeding us, the elder who, for one reason or another, are forced to resort to social assistance.

I have arguments to express myself like this, because while you give us rice, a
badly-prepared croquette and some stew, on the street workers from those institutions sell the products meant to feed us with (chicken, mincemeat, cheese, beef jerky, etc.) at prices ranging between 20 and 30 pesos local currency.

We have turned to management of these establishments, and the answer is negative. However, for everyone to see is the high level of living of these people who profit from our food.

Gentlemen, how much longer are we going to have to withstand the lies from a handful of thieves who live well. The people are taking of the blindfolds and are realizing that we are a deceived people.

Perhaps I will be taken as a counter-revolutionary, but I am all the opposite. I have always believed in my country, but it is time light is shed on all the vicissitudes these people are going through. Many are those who think like myself, but not all are capable of facing up to those representing the government, because of fear of what might happen. I hope they act ante such a situation.

Yours, and waiting for prompt action,

María Caridad Bermúdez, a neighbor at Juan Bruno Zayas Sur número 538, Manicaragua.

By Defensoría del Pueblo (People’s Defense), CID Delegation Sinesio Wash,  Manicaragua municipality, Villa Clara province



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