The police are causing my son psychological and emotional harm


Jorge Luis Sánchez Galindo

Ciego de Ávila, May 5, 2017

To: Fiscalía Municipal (Municipal Prosecutror’s Office) Municipio Baraguá.

From: Yamilka Sánchez Galindo

Address; Finca Los Trujillo, Gaspar

Subject: A victim of bullying at school, now the police repress him

Based on the Constitution of February 24, 1976, Article 42.- Discrimination because of race, color of the skin, sax, national origin, religious beliefs and any motive detrimental to human dignity is banned and punished by law.

I, Yamilka Sánchez Galindo, mother of the 14 year-old boy Jorge Luis Sánchez Galindo who has been a victim of bullying at school and now the police repress him, ask of your institution: Carry out a more in-depth investigation on my son’s behavior at school and in the community so his innocence may be shown and the police charges of acts of vandalism pressed against him be withdrawn.

Police notice

We are an honest, low income family, the backpack and shoes we can buy for the boy to study are the cheapest. Three months ago, my son suffered a nervous crisis because of offensive mockery from his schoolmates because of the way he dresses. I asked the officials at the escuela Secundaria Básica (Basic High School) “Protesta de Baraguá” where he is in 8th grade, to analyze this situation, and they did nothing about it.

A few days later, his schoolmates threw stones at him outside the school, on March 16, and he, answering the aggression at that moment, threw a stone which bounced against the window of a house. The owners of the house suffered no harm and did not accuse him, but they informed the police who pressed charges and placed him under the Departamento de Conducta (Conduct Department).

Now, my son is being investigated by minors’ officers and according to them he will be accused and transferred to a behavioral school. Please, take into account that the police are causing my son psychological and emotional harm and harming his training as a student, and that should be punished by the law.

With kind regards, and waiting for your reply, Yamilka Sánchez Galindo.

Yasmani Díaz Romay, Ciego de Ávila Defensoría del Pueblo (People’s Defense) Coordinator and Defensores del Pueblo (People’s Defenders) Rolando Meneses Echemendía and Yaneisi Romero Mariño.



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