Barely enough to buy her medicine

Havana, 22 March, 2017

To: Asamblea Municipal Poder Popular (Popular Power Municipal Assembly) Arroyo Narajo Municipality

To: SECONS Construction Company

From: Damanyi Carillo, neighbor at calle Calixto García No. 37 e/J y N reparto Parraga. Arroyo Naranjo. La Habana

We hereby submit our complaint for the situation my house is in, for months with a technical assessment for  underpinning, although it has not had any maintenance for decades, its entire structure affected, part of its deck, wood and fiber tiles about to collapse, and despite complaints submitted to the Empresa de Servicios Especializados de la Construcción (Specialized Construction Services Enterprise, SECONS) and Municipal Housing, they have not sent the wood or the material or the personnel needed to do the underpinning.

I am a single mother of two small girls, 7 and 11, and I live with my 92-year old grandmother who requires much attention since she is disabled. The 192-cuban peso pension she receives is barely enough to buy her medicine, and I can barely work half a shift since I have to go home to help her to the bathroom, feed and other needs.

The attitude of the relevant authorities is inadmissible, because due to their indolence no solution has been given to this problem which worsens each day. We really fear for our lives and for the integrity of our home.

Submitted by Dayami Castillo

By Steve Maikel Pardo Valdés, People’s Defender and CID activist in 10 de Octubre Municipality.





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