Neither one thing nor the other: neither ownership nor construction permit

Eloisa Cecilia Veloz Becerra)

Monday March 27, 2017

Citizen Eloisa Cecilia Veloz Becerra, a neighbor at Goytisolo #37 between Doctor Marchín and Tinito Cruz, Santa Isabel de las Lajas municipality, Cienfuegos province, bought a house some five years ago when the sale of property was legalized in Cuba. However, all this time she has not had ownership of the house, because the Dirección Municipal de la Vivienda (Municipal Housing Bureau) in Lajas has not guided her properly, thus harming her.

Eloisa has a place to store her belongings in a corner, because her entire house floods when it rains. The front of her house is about to crumble. The difficulties for cooking and sleeping are extreme. The local government’s vice president told her a subsidy could not be approved because her philosophy differs from the regime’s and that if an evaluation were held she should have the ownership of the house under her name.

She has resorted to the Communist Party and the People’s Power but has not received either a reply or a solution to her case. Since her house is in a poor state she has applied for a repair subsidy which has been denied, although resources are earmarked for pigpens and even other premises that have no ownership whatsoever, only because the latter belong to the officials who manipulate these social cases in order to commit felonies.

Eloisa has had to hire legal assistance for her case to be expedited, has submitted planning documents for her drainage system to be respected so water does not filter through when it rains. She has also had to submit technical documents and an excessive series of other documents, all this on her own, work that should be done by the housing bureau.

Eloisa Ceclia Veloz and Jorge Luis Oliver outside the house

Since they have not been willing to approve a subsidy for her, she has begun to repair the house on her own, but has been fined because they will not give her a building license because they have not solved the ownership issue. So, neither one thing nor the other. This shows once again the behavior of a corrupt government that violates on a daily basis its duty to safeguard its people’s well-being and rights.

By Norge Luis García Mulinillo, CID provincial delegate in Cienfuegos and Jorge Luis Oliver Díaz, activist and People’s Defender.



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