“Let’s save Proscopio Cabrera’s Life”

March 13, 2017

To: Oficina de Atención a la Población del Poder Popular Provincial de Pinar del Río (Population Attention Bureau of the Pinar del Río Provincial People’s Power).

From: Arelis Rodríguez Silva. Address: Localidad “La Nilda”, Río Feo, San Juan y Martínez, provincia de Pinar del Río

Subject: Total neglect of citizen Proscopio Cabrera Guerra which threatens his life.

I hereby address this government body very concerned about the situation of total neglect affecting, in my community, citizen Proscopio Cabrera Guerra, which threatens his life.

For more than four years this citizen has been confined to bed as a result of two strokes which rendered him invalid for the rest of his life, besides suffering from hepatic cirrhosis.

Since then he was helped by his wife, who for private reasons left him on his own since February. Presently, Proscopio has no relatives to look after him and is living alone in his house which is in a very bad state and lacking all that is necessary to be able to care for his health and lead a normal life.

For you to have an idea, he lives in community shelters together with other families who were affected by the 2002 cyclones. His house has only one room, has no drinking water or toilet, for food he depends on the few neighbors who lend a friendly hand and for bathing he must request help from them and wait for someone to pity and help him.

Presently, Proscopio’s situation is critical and he is in very poor health, he has big sores on his body, his personal hygiene is awful, he is completely malnourished and runs the risk of catching an infection that could end his life. Proscopio needs special care, good nutrition and excellent hygiene which he cannot obtain at home or from his neighbors.

All population organizations have knowledge of this problem and until now they have not solved the problem. On the contrary, they have ignored the cry for help from Proscopio and his neighbors.

Be aware that it is the Cuban state’s duty to immediately attender citizen Proscopio’s problem. It is unacceptable to hear on television that your revolution leaves no one destitute, and today Proscopio, who has worked all his life for the Cuban State finds himself in this condition and the government bodies do nothing about it.

Enough indolence and lack of respect for the Cuban people, and let it be very clear to you that, should anything happen against his life, you will be responsible, and all the blame will fall on your shoulders.

Waiting for an urgent answer,

Arelis Rodríguez Silva. People’s Defender and CID delegate in La Nilda, San Juan y Martínez, Pinar del Río.




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